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Adam A5X each

Hear the Difference with Adam's Folded Ribbon Tweeters

Considering investing in a pair of studio monitors? Ask a pro audio engineer, and chances are you'll hear the name "Adam." Adam studio monitors have long been associated with incredible accuracy, premium components -- and a price within reach of mere mortals. The Adam A5X features extended-range ribbon tweeters and re-engineered bass drivers for a more three-dimensional, focused sound. If you're considering studio monitors of this caliber, you'll find Adam monitors live up to their name in every respect.

Adam's Trademark X-ART Ribbon Tweeters

The A5X incorporates one of Adam's instantly recognizable folded-ribbon tweeters. These distinctive high-frequency drivers don't just look good; with no heavy voice coils to them weigh down, Adam's tweeters push air four times more efficiently than traditional domed designs. An update to the ART (Accelerating Ribbon Technology) tweeter found in the original A5, the X-ART folded-ribbon driver extends the A5X's top end up to 50 kHz. The "X" in A5X stands for "extended frequency response" -- and for you, it means flatter phase response, longer sessions without listening fatigue, and mixes that "breathe" more naturally.

German Engineering

As truly professional reference monitors, every Adam A5X is rigorously tested in the Adam Audio factory in Berlin, and it's clear their engineers have considered every detail. For your convenience, a master gain control is located on the front panel, right next to the power switch. If you've ever had to play Twister just to turn on or turn up your monitors in a studio setting, you'll immediately appreciate this design. You'll also find both RCA and XLR inputs on the rear panel.


- X-ART tweeter delivers stunning high-end response up to 50 kHz
- Redesigned 5.5-inch mid/low driver with a 1.5-inch voice coil
- Biamplified design: 50-watt tweeter amp, 50-watt mid/low amp
- Front-panel power switch and gain control
- Rear-panel +/- 4 dB high-frequency gain control
- Rear-panel +/- 6 dB shelf filters for >5 kHz and <300 Hz
- XLR and RCA inputs
- Adam's 5-year warranty

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 18 August, 2010.
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