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Alexander Pedals Golden Summer

This is an Alexander Pedals Golden Summer Ambient Reverberator guitar pedal.

This pedal creates lush and complex reverb, vibrato and delay sounds, all of which are highly tweakable.

The unit has controls for Reverb, delay, Mix, Tweak and a mini toggle switch for different settings. Mod provides tons of lush and wet reverb with a modulation effect with either a slow chorus or fast vibrato controllable via the tweak knob. Shimmer adds an octave to the reverb trails; turning the tweak knob clockwise results in an octave up effect, counter clockwise and octave down. In echo the reverb is fed by the delay repeats for interesting rhythmic effects or echo washes.

The delay control acts as a pre-delay in mod and shimmer modes and a delay time control in echo mode.

This pedal features a buffered bypass with optional “trails” which allows the delay or reverb to trail off with the pedal disengaged.

This can be turned off via the footswitch.


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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 06 June, 2016.
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