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Arturia Beatstep Pro Black

Arturia BeatStep Pro Controller & Sequencer - Black Limited Edition.

For anyone who prefers the hands-on experience of hardware sequencing and works with a wide variety of electronic music gear, the Arturia BeatStep Pro is a dream come true. Designed to play well with MIDI, USB, CV/Gate, and even DIN Sync platforms, the BeatStep Pro offers a combination of two independent sequencers, each with 64 steps per sequence. There's also a 16-track drum sequencer onboard with real-time recording and old-school step sequencing available. Now add on performance effects, a looper, a randomizer, and amazing tactile controls, and you can start to see the power of the BeatStep Pro.

The self-contained yet impressively flexible BeatStep Pro sequencer combines two independent melodic sequencers, each with 64 steps per sequence, with a versatile 16-channel drum sequencer. Each of the melodic sequencers allows you to store up to 16 sequences per project and save 16 projects a piece. Add to that a set of pads that makes playing melodic sequences in a variety of scales easy, and you have a ton of creative power just waiting to be set into action!

Want to spice up your show with a bit of variety? Arturia's BeatStep Pro has you covered. For starters, you can add a dose of swing to your instruments - even old-school drum machines that hit the market before swing existed. A built-in randomizer (with randomness control) lets you create exciting variations from even the most pedestrian grooves. And performing electronic musicians dig the touch strip looper, which makes it easy to roll on DJ-style transitions.

With the BeatStep Pro's capability to interact with DAWs, hardware synths, iOS apps, and other MIDI-controllable gear, the sky's the limit when it comes to putting this remarkable gadget to use. Both melodic sequencers include discrete pitch, velocity, and gate outputs, and the drum machine section comes equipped with eight individual gate outs. With its full set of transport controls, the BeatStep Pro also serves as a top-notch master clock, supporting both MIDI and DIN Sync for maximum flexibility.

  • A hardware sequencer that interacts with MIDI, USB, CV/Gate, and DIN Sync gear
  • Dual sequencers offer 64-steps per sequence, 16 sequences per project, and 16 projects
  • 16-track drum sequencer offers both real-time and step sequencing
  • Performance functions include a looper with touch strip, a randomizer, swing settings, and more
  • Flexible MIDI controller mode provides extensive DAW and virtual control



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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 08 May, 2017.
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