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Catalinbread Adineko

Catalinbread Adineko Oil Can Delay.

Not many people out there have heard of oil can delays, but for those of us who have, we remember them as lots and lots of effort with an end that justifies the means. The innards resemble an engine, but for your tone. And what a perfect analogy for the Catalinbread Adineko—a lovely digital take on the antiquated oil can delay, that will serve as an engine for your creativity. 

Original oil can delays were even more unwieldy than tape echoes, because they involved an actual rotating drum filled with electrolytic oil through which the signal is passed. Of course, the idea of an effect that relies upon a fluid-filled vessel is totally impractical. Couple this with the relative rarity of these units, AND the fact that the oil is no longer legal to purchase, and you realize just how elusive this sound is.

The Adineko contains recreations of every parameter one could imagine from an old oil can unit. From oil thickness—Viscosity knob—to drum rotation speed—Timing knob—and playback head blend—Balance knob—everything about the Adineko nails the oil can experience. 

A common complaint with old oil can units is that the delay time just isn’t long enough. Old units were slapback dream machines—and the Adineko still excels at this—but the delay time has been drastically expanded. And with great time comes great affect; the Adineko turns into a full-length dream machine with sloshy, shadowy repeats that lets the mojo bubble to the surface. 

A self-oscillating Reverb knob can help the tone really blast off, so to speak, because the reverberation seamlessly interacts with the dark echoes and can power through them to oscillate and let the ambience take over. 

The Adineko can be powered with up to 18 volts for exceptional headroom, which allows the Adineko to maintain its composure when hit with any number of pedals—something the original lacked, because the original oil can units predate any pedal effects.


  • Totally unique haunting oil can delay
  • Knobs for oil thickness, playback head balance, reverb and drum rotation speed
  • Made in Portland, Oregon, USA
  • Standard 9–18v center-negative power operation

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 25 November, 2015.
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