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Catalinbread CSIDMAN

Catalinbread CSIDMAN.

It happens with every type of audio device: it becomes obsolete, and then enterprising folks find ways to make the limitations work in a musical context. Tubes were this way, so were bucket-brigade chips. Now it’s time to apply this to something we were all alive to witness: the portable CD player.

Wait, what? Yes, the CSIDMAN has a pretty transparent anagram, and its core is a pristine digital delay, with the capability to tear your signal asunder via digital jitters and simulated optical disturbance. Simply put, the CSIDMAN ranges from a clean delay, to “your guitar on a cd while driving down a bumpy road,” all the way through what a portable CD player might sound like if it could be totally destroyed, yet still play.

Three controls make up the delay portion: Mix, Feed[back] and Time. These control, just about what you’d expect: wet/dry mix, delay feedback (also known as regeneration) and time, which stretches to 725 milliseconds.

Where things really get interesting is the Latch and Cuts controls. These two knobs are extremely interactive, and placing them at different points renders different sounds at almost any combination. When these two are in the circuit, you don’t play them. They play you.

The Latch control piggybacks off the Cuts control, so when Latch is fully disengaged, the pretty delay tones come out to play. When it’s moved up just a hair, things get really glitchy really quickly. Anything from subtle clicks and pops to full-on old-school arcade race car sounds bubble to the surface.

Latch actually controls the time that the CSIDMAN stays inside a latched skipping state, while Cuts adjusts the buffer memory. When Latch is all the way up, the CSIDMAN is forced to repeat the contents of the buffer memory. Anything between that, however, is left to be explored. Before you know it, you’re lost in glitchland, and there will be no search party.


  • Simulates the limitations of optical audio, including knobs for buffer memory and relative latch time
  • Up to 725ms of delay time
  • Does a crystal-clear digital delay with Latch set to zero
  • Hand-made in Portland, OR
  • Standard 9v center-negative power operation (adapter not included)

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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 20 June, 2016.
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