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Cymatic uTrack X32

The uTrack-X32.

32-Channel Multi-Track Recorder/Player & Interface from Cymatic Audio is an expansion card for the X32 and M32 family of digital mixing consoles. It can be used to add full multi-track capabilities completely independent and non-intrusive to your console's mixing operations.

Recording 32 channels directly to USB storage with just one touch of a button, the uTrack-X32 provides a simple way to record hours of audio. You don't have to wonder about where to put your laptop, USB wires, opening sessions, creating tracks, or arming tracks. The recorder is a 'Set-and-Forget' till the show is over unit, and later you can transfer your recordings into your favorite DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

Featuring an HDD port, a USB interface port which connects to your computer, and a network Ethernet port, the uTrack-X32 card's storage and recording capacities are limited only by the size of the USB storage device. Finally, create multi-track songs with up to 32 channels for playback from the uTrack-X32.

32-Channel Recorder/Player features
32 tracks of recording or playback (up to 48 kHz/24-bit)

'Pre-Record' mode ensures you never miss a downbeat again

Conveniently create new takes during continuous recording

Works with user-supplied, off-the-shelf USB hard drive for storage
Recording time limited only by size of USB storage
32-channel recording directly from your console, no computer or tablet needed

Simple one-button 'Push and Go' user interface to record

32-channel player, remotely controlled with uRemote software (Android, Win, iOS, OSX)
32-input, 32-output USB computer audio interface for Windows, OSX and iOS

Ethernet network interface for remote control from uRemote software
Free uRemote Applications for Windows, OSX, iOS and Android
Detailed uTrack-X32 status information

Large transport-control buttons
- Create location markers 'on the fly' when recording
Create playback loops 'on the fly'
- Browse and select songs on connected drive
Change uTrack-X32 settings
Free uTool Software Applications for Windows and OSX
Transfer audio content between uTrack-X32 and computer

Extract mono WAV files from recordings for importing into any DAW

Create multi-track songs up to 32 channels for playback from uTrack-X32
Compatible With
X32 Compact
X32 Producer
X32 Rack
X32 Core

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 19 October, 2017.
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