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Elektron Digitone

Elektron has released the Digitone 8-Voice Polyphonic Digital Synthesier.

This new unit offers a "powerful yet user-friendly take on FM synthesis."

The Digitone combines the FM synthesis method with a subtractive approach, to make a new powerful source of highly unique tones and timbres. The Digitone also includes a handy sequencer that provides four dedicated MIDI tracks to control your external gear.

The sequencer can be used to add chords and melodies, with the potential for adding probability calculations.

The Digitone provides 4 synth tracks overall, with 1 arpeggiator per track, multi-mode filters, base/width filters, overdrive, and 2 assignable LFOs per voice.

The Digitone also has polyphonic sequencing, micro timing, individual track lengths, as well as some fantastic effects including reverb, delay, and chorus.

If you like to simply sit back and create music, the Digitone has 512 built-in presets created by Blush Response, DivKid, Hizmi, Mark Fell, Zabutom, the Elektron staff and many more. This makes it ideal for your first exploration into the world of FM synthesis.

“It lets the user intuitively explore this re-formable, shapeable ball of stuff, then put that through the normal processes of synthesis” - John Chowning, inventor of FM synthesis

All this functionality is packaged in a thoroughly modern looking device, with a crystal-clear OLED display and a compact chassis that belies its power. With the unique blend of synthesis methods, you can (in Elektron's words) "Now enjoy the most spectacular sounds, seemingly emanating from some parallel universe."

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 25 January, 2018.

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