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iZotope Nectar Elements

Getting a great vocal sound doesn't need to be hard. Whether you're recording or you're mixing, Nectar Elements makes vocal treatment a snap.

Get great results quickly by loading one of Nectar's professionally-designed Style presets in genres like Rock, Pop, Folk, Soul, and Voice Over & Dialogue.

From there, easily customize your sound by adjusting special per-Style controls like Presence, Drive, and Grit.

Need to fix pitch problems, remove pesky "ess" sounds, or reduce room noise in your recording?

Nectar Elements has you covered there, too. With 10 powerful vocal processors working hard behind the scenes, Nectar Elements offers simple, intelligent controls that let you focus on your sound, not your set-up.

- Rapidly audition different vocal sounds with professionally-designed Style presets in a wide variety of Genres.

- Personalize your sound with easy-to-use controls that drive sophisticated vocal processing.

Nectar Elements features dozens of Styles that let you choose between a variety of classic and creative vocal styles. Quickly get the 60s Motown sound, the early 90s grunge rock sound, a radio-ready podcasting sound, a subtle jazz vocal or a modern pop sound—everything from delicate improvements to highly-produced robotic pitch effects. Each Style includes special per-Style controls like Clarity, Warmth, and Sparkle, as well as standard controls like Levels and Space.

- Levels: Quickly get punchy vocals with the loudness you need for consistency across your tracks.

- Space: Help settle your vocals into your mix with delays and reverbs that add ambience and "smoothing."

- Liven up your vocal sound, from gentle warmth to aggressive grit, with Styles that add vintage tube and tape harmonics.

- Thicken up your voice with Styles that feature doubling effects, adding up to four voices with varied pitch and panning.

- Explore all the Styles to experiment with additional per-Style controls, each designed to perfectly complement the Genre and Style of choice.

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 28 August, 2013.
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Propellerheads Reason 10 Essentials/Ltd/Adapted Owners Retail
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Propellerheads Reason 10 French Upg from LTD/Adapted/Essentials
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