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Kilpatrick Audio Carbon

Polyphonic, ultra-versatile six-track sequencer for MIDI and CV/gate with intuitive operation due fo a flat menu structure.

Patterns an be easily recorded step by step or in realtime and afterwards altered with the creative remix function. Entire tracks or only individual notes can be edited after recording very easily.

Pattern length up to 64 steps; up to 6 MIDI events per step; max. 64 songs with up to six scenes.

Carbon has USB host and device ports for connecting to computers, controllers/keyboards and for using it as a USB to MIDI/CV interface.

Sequences are either entered step by step or in realtime while the sequencer is running. Each of the six tracks can have an individual pattern length, speed, playback direction etc.
Each track, even each separate step can be edited in a number of ways, be it track length, gate length, transposition of an entire sequence or a single note (e.g. when you played a chord incorrectly and want to transpose one note).
Sequences can be remixed easily with the PATTERN function which uses a number of preset pattern which are known from the K4815 Pattern Generator Eurorack module. This function is a wonderful tool to vary the sequences you created.
Another possibility is working with different scenes. These memorize information like number of steps of a sequence, the remix pattern, track mute status and more.

Carbon is very suitable as a MIDI router and control system for studio and live and for instance it offers an arpeggiatior, keyboard split, assigning tracks to different MIDI channels, MIDI outputs and CV/gate output pairs. Such settings can be saved as scenes and loaded directly with a song.

Use the Carbon as a master MIDI Clock generator for the studio environment. Outputs can emit clocks in different divisions of the master tempo.


3.5mm sockets: clock and reset outputs (0V/+5V), 4x CV outputs (-5V to +5V - 1V/octave digitally calibrated), 4x gate outputs (0V/+5V)
MIDI: Input and 2x separately assignable Outputs
USB host port - provides up to 500mA to power USB controllers
USB device port - connects to PC or Mac for use as a MIDI interface and controller
input for external power supply (24V DC, 500mA)


approx. 195 x 203 x 76mm (W x D x H measured as rear height of enclosure)

1.8 kg


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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 08 July, 2016.
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