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Korg Kronos X88

The Korg Kronos X 88 is juiced with boosted internal memory and SSD size, giving you even more of the beastly capabilities that made Kronos a game-changing keyboard workstation. Packed with an amazingly flexible environment and cutting-edge technology, Kronos gives you the freedom to create music in fun and exciting new ways. By taking advantage of nine independent synthesis engines, Kronos X puts virtually any sound you can think of (and many you've never dreamed of) well within your grasp. If you're ready to venture into all-new creative territory, the Korg Kronos X 88 is the keyboard for you!

Korg Kronos X Workstation Keyboard at a Glance:
Nine sound engines, infinite possibilities
Amazing new technologies for smoother, more expressive sounds
A studio of music-production gear onboard
Easy-to-use hands-on environment

Nine sound engines, infinite possibilities
From acoustic instruments to gritty analog synths, the nine synthesis engines onboard Korg's Kronos X can provide every sound you need. The SGX-1 acoustic piano engine captures every nuance of real German and Japanese grand pianos, from damper resonance to mechanical noise. Then there's the EP-1 electric piano engine, which uses Multi-Dimension Synthesis to let you tweak, morph, and totally customize the wide range of classic electric piano sounds. These two new synthesis engines are worth the price of admission alone - and they're just the beginning!

Amazing new technologies for smoother, more expressive sounds
The incredible sounds found on the Kronos X simply wouldn't be possible without powerful new synthesis technologies. That's why Korg equipped this flexible workstation with components such as solid-state flash-based storage. The ultra-fast streaming possible with solid-state memory is the driving force behind Korg's Virtual Memory Technology, which provides you with high polyphony and incredible unlooped samples. It also allows the Kronos X to perform smooth sound transitions, so you can hold sustain notes while switching sounds or modes - just what you need for seamless transitions.

A studio of music-production gear onboard
More than just an amazing performance keyboard, the Korg Kronos X is a complete 32-track music-creation workstation. In addition to a robust 16-track sequencer, Korg gave Kronos X the capacity to record up to 16 audio tracks as well - all in studio-standard 24-bit/48kHz quality! What's more, Kronos X gives you an entire studio rack full of effects to enhance your music. You can run up to 16 fantastic effects at once, each of which more than rivals dedicated standalone effects units. And thanks to the Kronos X's Open Sampling System, you can instantly sample and resample any sound you create, allowing you to come up with amazing new sounds.

Easy-to-use hands-on environment
Long known for their easy-to-use workstation environments, Korg raised the bar again by loading Kronos X with hands-on controls. Starting with the large 8" TouchView display, you'll find navigating through the Kronos X environment to be absolutely intuitive. Kronos X also provides you with an entire dedicated control surface, complete with channel-strip-style sliders, knobs, and buttons. Plus, you get great performance controls, including a ribbon controller and one of Korg's fantastic vector joysticks. What's more, Kronos X comes loaded with Korg's top-of-the-line KARMA technology, making it a truly impressive performance keyboard as well as a first-class keyboard workstation!


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