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Low-Gain Electronics Submix

Active mixer module which is predestined for live use because of the amount of inputs, the sub-mixers and four simultaneous mix option. On the other side of the Atlantic the module is already very popular and valued for it's good sound.

The module is divided into four identical sub-units A, B, C and D which already are individual 3-channel mixers with their sub outputs (Out A to Out D). Furthermore the mixes of sub-units A and B as well as C and D are available at outputs Out AB and Out CD. The sum of all 12 inputs is available at the Out ALL socket. This means that you can use the module simultaneously as four 3-channel mixers, two 6-channel mixers and one 12-channel mixer.

Especially when attenuating inputs of passive mixers cancellations may occur. With active inputs (unity gain buffers) as used on the Low-Gain SubMix the load on the summing bus stays constant and you get smoother/more gradual mix regardless of the load on the input. The module was developed for audio but you can mix control voltages, too. Beware, mixing audio and CV signals simultaneously can generate offset voltages and cause distortion.

Hint: you can use the sub mixer units for feedback paths!


12 inputs (each 3 for sub-channel A, B, C and D)
Outputs A, B, C, D, A+B, C+D and All


3U Eurorack module, 28HP wide
current draw: each 15mA at +12V and -12V



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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 09 March, 2015.
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