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Manikin Harry's Collection

Sample Library for Manikin´s Memotron with Chamberlin sounds.

The CD contains 12 new sounds - some of them are originals of known Tron sounds, some are unknown Chamberlin sounds.

  1. CH 3 Violins: brilliant sounding original vesion of the known violin sound from the Tron
  2. CH 4 Saxes: four saxpohones
  3. CH Accordion: possibly played by Lawence Welk
  4. CH Bass Clarinet: perfect for friends of reed sounds like used by King Crimson (e.g.)
  5. CH Electric Guitar: electric guitar with some buzz on the lower notes and a slight vibrato on high and middle notes.
  6. CH Hawaiian Guitar: soft sounding hawaiian guitar. The sliding glissando effect has to be done manually, though.
  7. CH Male Voice: strong male voice with plenty of vibrato and a round fountation. Resembles a classical opera voice.
  8. CH Muted Trombone: solo trombone, fits well the gap to the "muted brass" sound
  9. CH Pianio: classic piano sound
  10. CH Rhythmate 35: recordings of Chamberlin´s Rhythmate drum machine with rhythms like Waltz, Cha Cha, Rumba, March and even rock rhythms
  11. CH Sax: very realistic sounding sax , much better than the "tenor saxpohone" sound
  12. CH Vibes: Vibraphon with fast vibrato, goes very well mixed together with the other vibes sounds


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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 19 June, 2013.

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