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Modal Electronics Modal 001

Following in the footsteps of the acclaimed 002, comes the Modal Electronics 001 analogue/digital hybrid synthesizer.

The 001 offers the power and flexibility of its bigger brother, with features such as a true two-part multitimbral, duophonic synthesizer, a FATAR TP/9 three-octave velocity-sensitive key mechanism, and more.

Even down to the solid steel chassis, the Modal Electronics 001 gives you so much of what sets the 002 apart, but in a more cost-effective, compact design

  • The precision of digital with analog sound
  • A synthesizer with the power of the cloud
  • Powerful and flexible sequencing capabilities
  • Premium construction for years of use

The precision of digital with analog sound

The 001's analog/digital hybrid nature provides two discrete voices of polyphony with full multi-timbrality for great analog sound born of digital precision. Each voice's two NCOs (Numerically Controlled Oscillators) provide high resolution, stability, and vast amounts of waveforms. Add to the NCOs two waveform switching sub-oscillators and you essentially get four oscillators per voice. The voices also have their own individual LFO as well as a global LFO and huge range of modulations. All of the front-panel-mounted controls are touch sensitive, causing the screen to automatically change to reflect the knob's function. No more digging through menus in the middle of the gig!

A synthesizer with the power of the Cloud

As you look over the 001's screen, you'll notice an icon that gives you access to the new cloud system via the Ethernet port. This open-platform cloud allows completely internet-based updates for profile settings, patches, sequences, and more - no more time-intensive MIDI SysEx dumps! You can easily load your sounds onto any 001 - you can have one for the studio and one for gigs. Or share your patches with collaborators around the world. Ethernet connectivity also allows you to edit and build sounds on your computer and move them to the 001's sound bank. Over the years here, we've seen the impact of technology on music and the way we create it. Modal's Modulus 001 incorporates the technology that other devices and instruments have been taking advantage of and provides the proper platform to keep your music moving forward.

Powerful and flexible sequencing capabilities

The Modulus 001 features tons of onboard sequencing flexibility. From the built-in 2-track, 12-row, 32-step sequencer with dedicated front panel control knobs to in-sequence transposing capabilities to the MIDI sync capabilities, the 001's sequencer is as powerful and is it is flexible. The multi-mode arpeggiator includes a Hold mode, letting you use the arpeggiator and sequencer together to create sequences on-the-fly and save them for later recall and editing. The Animator function gives you the ability to sequence any parameter including filter transitions, wave forms, and modulation. Once you've created a patch or sequence that you love, simply save it to a slot in your quick recall bank. You can use the bank to store often used patches, or use it as your setlist by saving each song in its own slot for quick and easy transitions during the gig. You'll never lose another great idea.

Premium construction for years of use

Modal made sure you'd be rocking your 001 for years to come. The ruggedly designed, roadworthy steel chassis is as at home on tour stages as it is in the safe confines of the studio. For an elegant touch, the sides are clad in leather. All of the knobs are easily accessed from the front panel and are constructed of turned aluminum, giving them much more longevity than their plastic counterparts.

  • Aftertouch-enabled premium Fatar semi-weighted, five-octave keybed
  • Pure analog signal path from oscillators to output
  • Two audio inputs for internal audio processing from the VCF onwards
  • One-touch parameter assignments for expression pedals and XY joystick
  • Digital NCOs for stability and expanded sound-building abilities

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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 20 March, 2017.

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