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Attain our objectives/ Professional Project Management

Our project specialists and our project management teams combine their expertise and closely evaluate the needs of your project so as to fully understand your challenges and the realities of your job site conditions.

The number one goal of our partnership with you is to offer you a complete professional solution through a thorough understanding and a clear vision of your project.

Our planning will demonstrate flexibility, adaptability and efficiency while at the same time mobilizing and planning the resources required to attain our objectives.

Our Expertise/ Custom Installation

Thanks to our proven methodology and to the constant updating of our methods, our project managers and installers ensure reliability and professionalism during your installation process.

Moog Audio projects are coordinated and installed by a group of highly motivated and skilled individuals that work tirelessly to guarantee that the equipment is installed properly and on schedule.

The Strength of a Team/ Professional Expertise

Our installation teams, fully trained and certified, have the experience and the tools required to expertly install and test professional audio, lighting and video equipment.

With over a 100 installations for restaurants, stores and clubs, MOOG AUDIO is the pioneer in North America. Here’s a glimpse at our work.


Tribe Hyperclub

The owners of Tribe Hyperclub, a brand-new venue in Montreal, wanted nothing less than to create the best clubbing experience in North America. So they turned to MOOG Audio to help them make it happen. Our mission? Provide Tribe club-goers with a truly unique environment where DJs from around the world fall in love with the setup and never want to leave. Tribe aimed to offer performers the best gear imaginable, both audio and visual. Whit our help, they accomplished just that: Tribe Hyperclub is now a reference for clubbing in North America. Here’s what we used to create this paradise for the senses.



The proven quality of Belisle Acoustics loudspeakers systems made them and obvious choice for us. Based near Montreal, Belisle is a professional audio equipment manufacturer with a solid reputation for enclosures that boast sound precision, clarity and power. We minutely calculated the position of each speaker to attain perfectly even sound in every square inch of Tribe Hyperclub. Paired with the club’s amplifiers, the speakers provide Tribe with a massive 100,000 watts power capacity, including 30,000 watts of pure bass on the dance floor, placing it among North America’s top sound systems.




Crown is a reference for amplifier engineering, consistently producing the most coveted gear in the industry. We selected twenty Macro-Tech 5002 VZ amps for their reliability and unsurpassed sonic accuracy. These beasts can deliver up to 5,000 watts per unit with a damping factor of 800, and therefore similar voltage and transient peak on every line.




Add 3 processors with a total of 8 line inputs and 24 outputs, and Tribe in ready to rock. To pull off a sound system of this scale, however, a custom architecture is absolutely essential. Control and flexibility are key, which is why we opted for BSS Soundweb. Our setup has the added benefit of a remote control is user-friendly and offers a convenient tool to bridge the communication gap between man and machine.



Dj Booth

Every DJ dreams of the ultimate DJ booth. We made their dreams come true. Tribe’s booth is equipped with a height-adjustable hydraulic system as well as quick-release locks to precisely position the angle and depth of any piece of equipment.



Power Supply

All of Tribe’s audio equipment is powered by a single source: a 30 KVA 600/208 transformer. From the mixing console to the amplifiers to the processors, everything runs on the same power from a sole source. This avoids ground loop problems and provides an excellent signal to noise ratio. We also installed a relay switch with remote serial control to make it easier to turn the various groups of equipment on and off. At Tribe Hyperclub, there’s no need to flip some 30 different switches. Here things are powerfully simple: one switch for sound, another for lights and visuals, both of which are easily accessible in the DJ booth.




There’s no point in having superlative amplifiers and speakers unless the cables that link them together are just as exceptional. MOOG helps you choose wisely. In this case, we went with some 5,000 pounds of 8 gauge Proflex cable. They offer excellent electrical conductivity, which means no signal loss and therefore no sound degradation. This lets the amplifiers do its job perfectly without getting overworked in the process. The result is unparalleled sensitivity, performance and clarity.




We chose LED technology for Tribe’s lighting system. Not only do LEDs emit no heat and last for over a decade, they offer a rich palette of some 61.7 million hues. When you combine this arsenal of color with a 36 inch mirror ball, moving lights and a smoke machine, the possible moods, themes and show configurations are limited only by your imagination




We also spoiled VJs with the setup at Tribe Hyperclub. MOOG equipped the space with everything they’ll need to take centre stage with everything they’ll need to take centre stage and sculpt a visually superb environment. With 8 projectors connected to a matrix switching system, they can display several images sources simultaneously. It’s a versatile setup that can adapt to meet any number of needs. Images are projected on frosted glass for a truly unique look. The overall results are stunning.




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