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One Control Midi Hammer Cable (50CM)

One Control MIDI Hammer Cable 50 cm L/L MIDI cable.

Digital technology is advanced, multifunctional pedal with stands of MIDI control.
You can use a MIDI controller to control the MIDI control once the heavy equipment and stage managed by the guitarist or bassist personal systems, was not used much, but now that appeared on the pedalboard, pedalboard effects more.

And introduction of a MIDI controller, MIDI cable to connect controllers and the effectors. This simple to actually try on the pedalboard and surprisingly hard. And think while watching the L-shaped plug that connects the many effects of patch cable.

Why is the MIDI cable L-shaped?

Is an innovative MIDI cable for think of one Control MIDI Hammer Cable introduced the MIDI pedalboard.

-Specializing in the pedal Board MIDI cable

MIDI cable with a big straight plug, many released in the 1980s revealed a MIDI standards is a universal shape can be made based on experience since the use of MIDI devices.
But the MIDI device can not hardly ever used so far to complete on a pedal Board System.
It is inconvenient to be thought, a universal MIDI cables made to fit many system uses on a pedal Board.

It is intended to be used with the pedal Board MIDI cable MIDI Hammer cable. It is a cable thought to be taking place in small pedal Board the freedom to position the cable was completed.

-The world's smallest L-shaped plug DIN5

Hammer MIDI Cable MIDI plug is a compact L-shaped MIDI plug dreamed of many players,. As a 5-pin DIN plug using the dedicated plug world's smallest. (Current 12/2015)
Realized the size of the lot "L-shaped patch cable" and equivalent is not merely a universal MIDI cable-bent shape and form your own.

-Switchable MIDI plug can be converted to the direction of the cable
MIDI cables that begin with L-shaped plug almost does not exist.
We look the world very few products you'll find in the MIDI cable is almost can say everything is straight up.
The reason is simple. It is MIDI DIN5 PIN is asymmetric.

Reverse the directions by aircraft cable, MIDI cable only has L-shaped.

MIDI Hammer Cable unplug plug back panel, an innovative structure allows, you can change the orientation of the cable from the plug.

Free MIDI cable placing any equipment or by changing the orientation of the cable.

● thin and flexible MIDI cable

More universal MIDI cable is expected to be used in a variety of environments, such as the coming stage and recording studio and a thick, sturdy cable is being used.
Is that the cable is to be used only on your pedalboard overkill too. For example, you don't use the amplifier power cable DC cable to supply power to the end-effector. It is similar to MIDI cable pedal Board for a more slender, flexible and easy-to-handle cable is required.

MIDI Hammer Cable cable uses a cable thinner than a typical patch cable, soft. You can install pedalboard easily, so you can pass between the rubber feet of the Effector, without knowing where to bend the use that can be flexible.

-Cabling an overwhelming
Hammer MIDI Cable is for controlling the end-effectors on the pedalboard from a MIDI controller pedalboards on the MIDI cable.
Good maneuverability to specialize in pedal Board with a universal MIDI cable is not realized.

It is possible that extra space was absolutely necessary in universal MIDI cable MIDI Hammer Cable to use, do not use MIDI cables at the same establishment.

It occupies the space no matter how compact MIDI controller to use MIDI cables the same controller doesn't make sense.
You can put on the pedalboard compact MIDI controller MIDI Hammer Cable if the same effects common space even if the.

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 11 February, 2016.
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