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One Control Sea Turquoise Delay

Become an unusual delay effects pedal!

Even though a delay tone clear as crystal clear sound in digital delay earlier technology did not exist, and why the Sea Turquoise Delay sound fi the sound like vintage "echo".

Digital delay too clearly, it draws too much attention during may interfere with play and feel. However Sea Turquoise Delay delay sound is overwhelming clear, clear tone, while always "Lord" in the play evokes, in a "subordinate".

A unique texture, such as the sea Turquoise Delay delay sound, even where clear water is just "high fidelity" only so don't delay tone shaping.

No matter how clear waters, even to the deep light is cast. Change the shape to a Lo-fisound like chopped out sea Turquoise Delay can make repeat delay indefinitely to infinity, but the overlap repeat over and over again continues to decay slowly, slowly, and after a few hours at the end.

In the biggest coordinated so that 1:01 sound and the delay LEVEL control can further delay level. Can be set freely want delay level and from a faint reverberation corresponds to the various ways to play a tricky.


-Crystal clear sound is the characteristic delay pedal
-Delay dreamed of once in technical
-Distinctive texture does not disturb the play with clear, unambiguous
-Machined aluminum high quality mini case
-Built-in battery can

Main Specifications:

-Delay time: 20 ~ 550 ms
-Reducing dance: 500 K
-Output in pie dance: 2 K
-Operating voltage: 7 to 12 V
-Current consumption: 80 mA @ 9V
-S/n ratio:-86 dB
-Size: 39Wx100Dx31H mm (excluding protrusions) and 47Wx100Dx48H mm (including protrusions)
-Weight: approximately 160 grams (battery insert: 200 g)
* Battery not included.

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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 09 February, 2016.
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