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SubDecay Vagabond Tremelo

Here at Subdecay we love modulation pedals that give you something extra. Something beyond the typical 3 knob experience many other boxes give you.

The Vagabond is vintage style tremolo pushed beyond it's natural limits. 


  • Harmonic and Bias tremolo in one unit.
  • Envelope speed control – Pick attack can slow down or speed up the tremolo by using the drift knob.
  • Speed and intensity go beyond classic amp design limitations for maximum throb and chop.
  • Dedicated external volume knob helps make up for perceived volume loss.

We like to call it an embellished effect. The depth in particular reaches maximum vintage amp settings with the intensity turned to 11:00. Turn it all the way up and you get full on square wave tremolo.

The speed goes from slow to up to about 30hz maximum. Well beyond the range of old-school tremolo units. 

Envelope speed control- Using the envelope drift knob let's you speed up or slow down the tremolo with playing dynamics. Interacting with effects creates so many possibilities, whether hypnotic or chaotic.

And of course the dedicated volume knob. The overlooked feature that feelslike it's missing from most amps. When you turn it on the volume drops. Take control with the Vagabond's volume knob and you'll always be heard.

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 19 April, 2017.
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