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TC Electronic Flashback X4 Pedal

Flashback X4 essentially does two things: minimize hassle and maximize sounds. It’s simple to operate but has many options, while the sounds and TonePrint functionality span the complete spectrum of delay in the most musical way possible. All that is fantastic, but take a closer look and find out that X4 is totally dedicated to the beauty of delay.

1) Mix and match
The subdivision selector on Flashback X4 allows you to choose quarter notes or dotted eights, but has a nifty feature that allows you to select or mix either/both when using dual delays. This adds flexibility, creativity and unexpected results!

2) Time is on your side
Turn this dial all the way down for really short repeats. Turn up until you find your preferred amount of delay. With 7 seconds of delay, Flashback X4 can make your music as spacious and wide as your creativity.

3) Positive feedback
No, this is not the Marshall-like squeal we know and love, but it does allow you to set the number of repeats you want from short and snappy to a total timewarp.

4) Simply delay
Flashback X4’s controls and I/O options are aimed at one thing: making life easier for you. Dialing in sounds, loading TonePrints and integrating X4 into your set-up is a breeze. There are Mono and Stereo options and even an expression pedal port, allowing you to control any delay parameter available.

5) Ember to Inferno
Subtle to screaming, this is the knob you rely on for setting the volume of your delay level.

6) Room To Rock
Flashback X4 is equipped with 4 TonePrint slots, allowing you to load your favorite signature delay effects as done by the artists on our TonePrint roster. Oh, and since this is the 21st. century, you can load TonePrints via your smartphone.

7) Delay’s delight
12 delay types plus 4 TonePrints are at your disposal, all done in world-renowned TC quality. Have a look - you know you will want to try them!

8) Loopy for creativity
Flashback X4 has a 40 second looper so you can jam to your heart’s content - oh, and we’ve added an ‘undo’ function to speed up workflow and increase fun.

9) Level the playing field
Change how loud the loops that are being played back to you are. Turn clockwise for maximum you, counterclockwise for a more conservative approach.

10) Separated at birth
In Flashback X4, the delay engine is completely separate from the one handling looping. This means total dedication to the sound you want to get and the cool ability to add delay to your loops.

11) The world at your feet
The most requested feature from the original Flashback Delay - presets. Here they are, three presets at your disposal. However, now the question will be how you will be able to divide your time between three great accessible sounds?

12) Maximum signal integrity
Flashback X4 goes with the flow like our other TonePrint enabled pedals. Whatever your set-up or situation, Flashback X4 can adapt and guarantee optimal signal integrity - via small dip switches, Flashback X4 can be set to either True Bypass or Buffered Bypass.

13) Creativity at your own tempo
Instantly sync up your delays with your band’s tempo, the ideas in your head or whatever else is guiding you without taking your hands of the guitar or bending over the pedal. Simply tap the tempo with your foot and get on with things!

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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 29 October, 2012.
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