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Yamaha THR100H

Drawing from Yamaha's popular THR series amps comes the THR100H guitar amplifier modeling head.

The THR100H houses a library of classic amp tones in a single, versatile amp. You can create your own amp by choosing from five classic amp models and five power tube models. You can further tailor your amp's feel and response by choosing between Class A or AB circuit design and changing the speaker response by uploading Impulse Response files to the amp.

The variable output (25W/50W/100W) and XLR line-outs make the THR100H ideal for stage, rehearsal, or studio. The Yamaha THR100H guitar amplifier head delivers classic amp tone and feel in a portable and versatile package.

  • A powerhouse of vintage and modern amps
  • Selectable digital models of output tubes deliver spot-on tones and authentic feel
  • Tweak reverb, boost, and speaker simulations via USB

A powerhouse of vintage and modern amps

Whether you're looking for vintage or high-gain amp tones, the Yamaha THR100H guitar amplifier has you covered. Choose from five classic amplifiers that shaped the sound of music. Each amp has its own voice and feel that not only sounds good but is inspiring.

  • SOLID - Ultra-clean amp with zero breakup
  • CLEAN - Warm American tone with delayed breakup and killer dynamics
  • CRUNCH - Low-powered British sound with soft touch and chime
  • LEAD - Medium-gain British tone with responsive overdrive and definition
  • MODERN - American version of the Lead amp, more saturation and fluid overdrive

Selectable digital models of output tubes deliver spot-on tones and authentic feel

At Moog Audio we realize the difference that output tubes make in an amplifier. Yamaha's THR100H lets you select from five different output tube models to really nail your ideal tone. From classic American amps to sought-after British amps, the Yamaha THR100H has the sound you're looking for. You can even make unique combinations to create custom amp tones. Further define your sound by choosing between Class A or AB operation.

  • 6V6 - Warm sound with fast breakup and rich harmonics.
  • EL84 - Smooth feel with harmonically rich response and a musical top end.
  • KT88 - Big, clean, tight sound with tons of headroom and pronounced note definition.
  • 6L6GC - Strong midrange character and bright, clean punch. Classic American guitar sound.
  • EL34 - Pronounced midrange, tight low end, and crisp treble. Classic British amp sound.

Tweak reverb, boost, and speaker simulations via USB

The Yamaha THR100H has a host of hidden features that are available via USB and the THR100H's editing software. You can choose between four different reverb effects to tailor your sound. Choose from spring, plate, room, or hall to get the perfect reverb for your sound. Three choices of Booster let you add the perfect amount of punch to your sound. Select from four noise gate settings, and select whether your effects loop is series or parallel. Another cool feature is the Impulse Response Speaker Simulation. IR files let you change the speaker simulation to your heart's content. And there are tons of user created IR files on the web that will work with the Yamaha THR100H guitar amplifier head.

  • Modeling amplifier head with 5 classic guitar amp models
  • Choose from 5 output tubes to create your perfect amp tone
  • Tweak your amp's response, feel, and tone by choosing Class A or AB design
  • Built-in footswitchable boost function can be set for clean boost or overdrives via editing software
  • Variable power output: 25-watt, 50-watt, and 100-watt
  • Lightweight amp is easy to haul between gigs
  • Effects loops for running your favorite effects
  • XLR line-out for going directly to a mixer or recording rig
  • 3-button footswitch controls reverb, boost, and effects loop

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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 22 September, 2015.
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