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Zoom MSH6

Because of its remarkable mono compatibility characteristics, Mid-Side stereo recording is a mainstay of film and broadcast audio production, and the Zoom MSH-6 Handy Recorder microphone capsule makes harnessing this technique a piece of cake.

The MSH-6 includes both a forward-facing cardioid capsule, and a figure-8 element that points left and right. Using the processing onboard your Handy Recorder, you can completely control the stereo width of your audio - even after you've recorded it.

And the thing sound designers love the most about the Mid-Side audio you can capture with you MSH-6 is that, when you fold down the audio to mono, you won't lose a thing to phase cancelation.

  • the same amazing Mid-Side microphone capsule included with the H6 Handy Recorder
  • Works with your Handy Recorder's Mid-Side decoder to provide adjustable stereo width
  • Mono compatible mid-side audio folds down to perfectly phase coherent mono
  • Onboard level adjustment control lets you set incoming volume with the twist of a knob
  • Compatible with devices including the Zoom H5, H6, and Q8

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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 13 April, 2015.
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