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In 1997, even if you could find equipment for electronic music DJs and producers, it was usually an afterthought at the back corner of a music store. Alexandre Kano wasn’t satisfied with this.  He wanted to make the newest music production technology accessible to all who wanted to move from inspiration to execution.

So in 1998, he opened Moog Audio™, a shop specializing in Turntables, Mixers, Synthesizers, Dj and Studio Equipment but his vision was about much more than simply a retail store: it was about offering assistance and knowledge to amateurs and professionals alike.  

It didn’t take long for Moog Audio™ to become a hub for many of the country's leading DJs, event promoters, and fans. By the millenium, Moog Audio™ had become a trusted name within the electronic-music scene in Canada and a go-to resource for notable festivals such as Piknic Electronik, Igloofest, MUTEK, POP Montreal, ZOO Fest, Beach Club and many more.

A pioneer in its field, Moog Audio™ has designed hundreds of sound-systems for a wide range of establishments such as hotels, restaurants, boutiques, shops, supermarkets, and bars. Our experts use vision and innovation to translate the client’s unique needs into their sound-system dreams.

The success of Moog Audio™ is directly related to its core values: first-class customer service, a team of knowledgeable and helpful employees and its catalog of cutting-edge equipment.

Whether you’re an internationally-renowned DJ or a beginning beat-maker, Moog Audio™ understands your needs and always gives you the best option to realise your music-making dreams.

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