ADDAC207 Intuitive Quantizer

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The ADDAC207 Intuitive Quantizer is a four-channel quantizer perfect for generating melodic and musical sequences in a Eurorack system. Large buttons are laid out like a vertical piano, which can be turned on or off to set a scale. Alternatively, scales can be set by using the key/octave knob, minor/major switch, and flat/sharp switch. It can also be used as a piano style controller at the press of a button for hands-on control.

Each channel has a CV input and output, as well as gate input and output. The CV input tracks over ten octaves. The gate input can be used like a sample and hold to only quantize when it receives a gate signal.

Not just constrained to western 12-TET scales, the ADDAC207 can also quantize to microtonal scales. Create arpeggios with LFOs, constrain wild random voltage sources to musical scales, or just play it as a in-rack keyboard; the name "Intuitive Quantizer" is rather well-suited for this module.

  • Four-channel quantizer
  • Tracks over ten octaves
  • Gate input for sample and hold style quantizing
  • Microtonal scales are also available
  • Can be played like a keyboard
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