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Bass Guitar Pickup Set for Passive or Active 4-string Instruments
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Punchy Dynamics and Rich Tone from Aguilar

Aguilar DCB-M4 pickups capture more harmonic content than traditional M-type pickups due to their dual ceramic bar design. Aguilar designed these dual-ceramic-magnet pickups to give you huge, detailed tone, whether you put them in a passive or active bass with an onboard preamp such as Aguilar’s OBP-1, 2, or 3. Upgrade your 4-string bass guitar with the Aguilar DCB-M4 pickup set and experience enhanced dynamic response and richer harmonic overtones.

World-famous Bass Players Choose Aguilar Pickups and Amplifiers

Aguilar Amplification's pickups, preamps, amplifiers, and cabinets are created by bass players, for bass players. Whether you're playing out live or recording in the studio, Aguilar Amplification products are designed to give you the best experience possible.

  • More harmonic content than traditional M-type pickup
  • Dual ceramic bar design
  • Passive or active operation
  • Set includes 2 pickups

Technical Specifications

  • Type:M-Style 
  • Active/Passive:Passive 
  • Magnet Material:Ceramic 
  • Number of Strings:
  • Position:Bridge, Neck 
  • DC Resistance:11K 
  • Manufacturer Part Number:510-147

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