AJH Synth MiniMod Dual LFO and VCA Black

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AJH Synth MiniMod Dual LFO and VCA Black
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The MiniMod Dual LFO and VCA is a compact 10hp wide Eurorack format module. It comprises two independant LFO's with variable wave shapes and a DC coupled VCA. In addition LFO1 includes an extra low range and a Sync (reset) input.

The onboard VCA is normalised to the Triangle output of LFO 2 and this makes it a simple, one module solution for adding variable depth modulation to VCO's, VCF's etc. as the modulation amplitude (level) can be controlled by applying a control voltage (CV) of between 0 and +5 Volts to the VCA CV Input.

The VCA can also be used independantly from the two onboard LFO's, and it responds to CV voltages in a linear manner.

The "Triangle" output wave shape can be continuously varied from Sawtooth (Shape control fully anti clockwise) to triangle (Shape control at 12 o'clock) throught to Ramp (Shape control fully clockwise).

The "Square" output wave shape can be continuously varied from a duty cycle of 98% (Shape control fully anticlockwise) down to 2% (Shape control fully clockwise)


This module includes two completely independent modulation sources, LFO 1 and LFO 2. Each LFO has a "Triangle" and "Square" output, although the actual waveshape is determined by the setting of the associated "Shape" control (see below). These outputs are Bipolar, so the output varies between being a positive and negative voltage, and the amplitude is +/- 5V, or 10 Volts peak to peak.


Technical Specifications

  • Module Width: 10hp
  • Module Depth: 26mm (Including power lead)
  • Current Usage: 25mA Positive, 22mA Negative

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