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The Hungry Robot CV Keys is the perfect utility for incorporating 1V/OCT, chromatic semitones into a modular system when it is not convenient to use midi keyboards or a midi-to-CV interface.
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CV Keys, from Hungry Robot, provides 1V/Oct chromatic semitones in lieu of a keyboard, MIDI-to-CV converter, or similar devices.

Don’t be fooled by its compact size, CV Keys is extremely accurate and efficient in equal measures.

In addition to a pushbutton keyboard, the unit has a Hold button that latches the gate signal, allowing players to use their hands elsewhere.

Beyond that, it sports two gate modes, has two buffered outs, and a Transpose jack that accepts an external sequence that is subsequently transposed via the pushbutton keyboard.

  • Pushbutton keyboard controller
  • Precise 1V/Oct tracking
  • Hold button
  • Two Gate modes
  • Dual buffered outputs
  • Transpose input

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