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Eurorack dual modulator
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The Dreadbox Ataxia is part of the Chromatic Range of Eurorack modules, which form a collection of unique 10HP circuits that offer a variety of functions varying from oscillators through to bit-crushing filters and more.

We first was the MOD circuit from Dreadbox in the NYX synthesizer, it was then later repurposed as the modulator module in the white lines series, and it’s in the Chromatic series of modules we see the finest example of this fantastic function generator circuit dubbed Ataxia.

At its core Ataxia is a dual function generator, which is able to serve as an LFO or as an ADSR envelope, each function has three stages to its function: in LFO mode you have control over the ride, fall, hold and the curvature or shape of the waveform, in envelope mode you have control over the attack, decay, sustain, and release.

Each function has a separate output, with a level attenuator so you can use them as depth controls. A super handy modulation source, no system should really be without.

At just 35mm deep and 10HP wide, the Chromatic series offers so much for such a little price and space investment.

The main features of the Dreadbox Ataxia include:

  • 10HP dual function generator
  • CV inputs for modifying the time and level of functions
  • Response curves between 1ms and 20 seconds
  • Individual trigger inputs for each function

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