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Percussion Controllers

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Hybrid Music-production System with Complete Sampling and Sequencing Workstation Software and Dedicated USB Control Surface, 4 Native Instrument Titles, and Additional Software Content
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MASCHINE STUDIO’s hi-resolution color displays keep your eyes on the hardware, not your computer. From browsing sounds and plug-ins to dialing-in effects, it’s all right before your eyes. Sample, arrange, mix, perform and stay laser-focused on the groove.

Multi-color pads provide ultimate feel in the thick of the beat. Eight display knobs, edit buttons, and an ultra-precise jog-wheel let you browse, edit, and arrange faster than you ever thought possible. A dedicated level section delivers clear metering and monitoring. And a built-in stand delivers the perfect performance angle.

Start working on the hardware and the ultra-intuitive workflow quickly becomes part of your muscle memory. MASCHINE STUDIO lets you control the software functions from the hardware with dedicated controls– no switching menus or navigating complex key commands. This is full-time creative flow.

Under the hood, a top-of-the-line audio engine saves resources while delivering the highest audio quality possible. Advanced multi-core technology runs multiple processes in parallel, dividing complex tasks between your computer’s cores. Run more plug-ins. Mix with ease. Load up even more sounds on unlimited groups, and so much more. 

Responsive, physical hardware paired perfectly with powerful software. The most immediate, fluid, and musical beatmaking system ever.


Get inspired by over 22 GB of sound. Create your own drums with sonically-outstanding drum synths, and dial-in 25 pro-grade effects directly from the hardware. Plus, you get KOMPLETE SELECT – a premium selection of 10 KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects. Get a full suite of professional sound right out of the box and control it all from your MASCHINE hardware.

  • KICK
    Nine engines deliver powerful low end. Four are based on classic analog machines – fat, punchy, deep, dusty, and everything in between. The other five deliver some of the most realistic acoustic-sounding kicks you’ve ever heard. And a broad sweet spot means you get pro sound no matter what you dial in.
    Thick, harsh, bold, deep, filtered – create any electronic snare imaginable. Or create breathtaking acoustic snare sounds and tweak with the total control that a real snare can’t give you. Nine engines to choose from, plus a dedicated clap engine for both electronic and acoustic claps.
    No samples here. Three different engines produce the full range of hi-hat sounds, from classic analog hi-hats, digital, robotic sounds, or thick, crunchy sounds from a new, grain-based oscillator. And a few quick tweaks take you beyond simple hi-hat sounds, and deep into creative territory.
  • TOMS
    Three engines let you craft a full set of toms fast. Digital sounds from percussive to bell-like to completely alien. And acoustic sounds so warm and fat you won’t believe they’re not samples. Added control over pitch bend and advanced parameters give you total flexibility. All on the hardware, and super intuitive.
    Three engines, no limits. The fractal engine delivers electronic percussion, from bell-like and metallic to sub-heavy and twisted. The shaker engine gives you acoustic shakers and maracas, and the kettle engine offers rich, resonant timpani. All sounds are mapped across the keyboard for pitched percussion and melodic accents.
    The Crash engine delivers everything from a 909-like crash to more acoustic-sounding cymbals. The Ride engine can be adjusted to sound as if the cymbal is being struck on its edge or bell.


  • MASSIVE is the heavyweight synthesizer combining analog architecture with wavetable synthesis – perfect for heavy basses and piercing leads.
  • REAKTOR PRISM is a unique and responsive polyphonic modal synthesizer with fascinating sound shaping capabilities.
  • MONARK is an uncompromising software version of the holy grail of analog monosynths. Every nuance has been meticulously studied to bring the spirit of this legend to REAKTOR in definitive detail.
  • THE GENTLEMAN is a classic piano that delivers balanced tone, a wide dynamic range, and a beautiful, lush sound. Your new standard vintage upright.
  • DRUMLAB is a first-of-its-kind sonic laboratory, combining pristine acoustic samples with a punchy electronic edge – all in one intuitive interface.
  • RETRO MACHINES MK2 gives you over 20 legendary vintage instruments from the 70s and 80s – lovingly sampled and refined for the world’s leading sample platform, KONTAKT 5.
  • VINTAGE ORGANS gives you access to the sounds of the golden age. Based on high-quality recordings of classic organs, VINTAGE ORGANS is full of charm and character.
  • WEST AFRICA delivers vibrant percussion and enchanting melodic instruments, playable solo or as polyrhythmic ensembles, plus an intuitive pattern sequencer.
  • SCARBEE MARK I is the sound of an iconic electric piano, beautifully sampled and perfectly preserved in all its brilliance.
  • SOLID BUS COMP is inspired by a legendary bus compressor from a famous British console. It delivers power and punch without sacrificing clarity.


Load 24 effects straight from the hardware. Compressors, Tape and Tube Saturators, a transient designer, reverbs, filters and EQs, plus creative tools such as Grain-Delay, Ice Verb, Freq Shifter, and more. Chain an unlimited number of effects, and combine the on-board effects with other VST/AU plug-ins.


MASCHINE STUDIO’s ultra-fast, tag-based browser gives your creativity no time to slow down. Do all your browsing with MASCHINE STUDIO’s jog wheel and two high-res color screens – any project, group, sound, instrument, effect or sample at your fingertips.

MASCHINE STUDIO makes sampling fluid and simple – grab audio, slice it, and shape it. The hardware gives you total control and the hi-res displays let you see exactly what you’re doing at all times. Then kick out a groove with your new sounds on super-responsive pads.

Overview on the left screen, details on the right, parameter knobs directly below – never lose your editing focus. Get up to 64 voice polyphony for each sound, plus choke, legato, and glide control. And experienced beatheads will love the vintage sampling modes.

Slice your samples with laser-like precision. Choose the technique that fits you best with four different modes: Detect, Grid, Split, and Manual. Assign slices to the pads automatically and play them just like you would a drum groove or melody.

Get creative with a toolbox of destructive editing features including truncate, normalize, reverse, cut, copy, paste, fade-in, fade-out, silence, DC correct, and duplicate. Timestretching and pitchbending with automatic beat detection deliver highest possible sound quality.

A clip-based pattern sequencer means your ideas come together fast. Edit patterns, nudge notes, change velocity, record modulation, and more with 8 display knobs, dedicated edit buttons, and MASCHINE STUDIO’s jog wheel. All without ever looking at the computer screen.

An ultra-powerful step sequencer gives you another way to sculpt your grooves to perfection. Drop in sounds precisely where you want them and automate pitch, volume, LFO or any other parameter step by step for incredibly intricate and musical results in record time.


Build or sketch entire tracks with scenes. A scene is a flexible collection of groups and patterns. Scenes let you structure a track easily, and are essential for live performance. Create scenes for intro, outro, main groove, variation groove, and breakdown, then trigger scenes live as required.

Add a KOMPLETE collection to your setup and get worldwide industry-standard sound inside your MASCHINE. The latest MASCHINE 2 software browser lets you find and load KOMPLETE 10 Instrument or Effect presets at a glance. Best of all, key instrument or effect parameters, such as filter cutoff, automap to MASCHINE’s eight display knobs for immediate, performance-ready tweakability.


MASCHINE STUDIO can be the control hub of your entire studio with full MIDI connectivity and smart export/import options. Batch export full songs, groups, or single sounds as lossless WAV or AIFF in up to 32-bit quality. Drag and drop audio and MIDI directly into your DAW. Import iMASCHINE projects, REX files, and MPC programs, or simply drag and drop MIDI data directly into MASCHINE.

When you’re ready to expand, MASCHINE STUDIO is, too. Load any VST or Audio Units plug-in into one of 16 sound slots in any of MASCHINE STUDIO’s unlimited groups. Every channel can also host unlimited effect plug-ins for customized unique chains – limitless room to play.

Load MASCHINE as a VST, Audio Units or AAX plug-in in your DAW. Open several instances of MASCHINE 2 and toggle between them from one controller. Route up to 16 stereo outs to your DAW for mixing. Use MASCHINE STUDIO to control transport functions, and map controls to your DAW’s key functions – run the full production from just one comprehensive control surface.


  • Width: 432 mm / 17.0"
  • Length: 350 mm / 13.8"
  • Height: 58.5 mm / 2.3"
  • 3.2 kg / 7.1 lbs
  • 15V 1.2A power supply required (included)
  • Integrated stand
  • Two extra-large, high-resolution color displays (480x272 pixel)
  • 16 high-quality multi-color, illuminated pads with velocity and aftertouch
  • 8 multi-color group buttons
  • One jog wheel with LED ring (30 steps)
  • 8 endless rotary encoder
  • 1 volume knob
  • 58 click buttons
  • LED Meters
  • USB 2.0, 3.0
  • 1 x MIDI in, 3 x MIDI out
  • 2 x footswitch input
  • Kensington lock


Mac OS X 10.9, 10.10 or 10.11.1 (latest update), Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (latest Service Pack, 32/64 Bit), Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2, 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)

Supported Interfaces: Stand-alone, VST, Audio Units, AAX 32 and AAX 64, ASIO, CoreAudio, WASAPI

Please note: Native 64-bit support for stand-alone and plug-in versions. This product runs in demo mode after installation and must be activated before full functionality is available.

USB 2.0 Port, 13 GB free disk space for complete installation

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