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Radial Headload V8 Speaker Load Box with Cab Simulator.

Guitar Amplifier Load Box, with Power Attenuator, JDX Direct Box with Speaker Simulation, and Phazer Phase Alignment Tool, for 8-ohm Amps
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Wow - the Radial Headload guitar amp load box is an incredibly powerful tool for any guitarist performing on stage or recording in the studio. The Headload can act as a power attenuator, allowing you to play your high-powered tube amp with cranked-amp tone at lower volume levels - perfect for keeping stage volume down. It also has a built-in JDX direct box and six-position voicing switch for direct amp/cabinet simulation. And with a Phazer phase-alignment tool, it's easy to create rock-solid tones when blending a mic'd signal with the direct output signal of the Radial Headload.

  • Complete control over your amplifier's wattage
  • JDX direct box for outstanding direct tone
  • Phazer phase alignment tool is invaluable in the studio

Plug your favorite amplifier into the Radial Headload, and you'll be able to vary its wattage from full-on right down to 0W. Everywhere in between, you'll hear the full tone of your cranked guitar amp at lower volume levels.

Built right into the Headload is a Radial JDX direct box with EQ, high cut filter, and two-band EQ for stellar direct tone. Even better, you've got a six-position voicing switch that completes your amp's tone with a range of simulated cabinets. When used in conjunction with the 0W power setting, you can inject all the tone of your amplifier into the sound system or recording interface without even needing a speaker cabinet and microphone.

  • Load box, direct box, speaker simulator, and phase aligner for electric guitar amplifiers
  • Adjust the wattage of your amplifier, for cranked-amp tones at lower volume levels
  • JDX direct box with speaker simulation and 2-band EQ for outstanding direct tones
  • Phazer phase-alignment tool helps align the direct tone with a microphone signal
  • Keep your stage volume down while sending the PA a high-quality direct signal

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