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The TC Electronic UniTune Clip is the ultimate tool for guitarists, bassists, and ukulele players, delivering uncompromised tuning quality and a fast, responsive performance. The Unitune clip-on tuner features an extremely accurate strobe mode and an ultra-fast chromatic mode, providing players with versatile tuning options to suit their personal preference. Its ultra-bright LED display is designed with automatic orientation, ensuring the tuner can be viewed by both left and right-handed players. With its incredible tuning accuracy, high-quality construction, and stainless-steel clip, the TC Electronic Unitune Clip is the perfect companion for new and seasoned players.

Featuring strobe and chromatic tuning modes, the TC Electronic tuner can be adjusted to suit your personal preferences. When set to strobe mode, the tuner provides players with a ± 0.02 cent accuracy, while the ultra-fast chromatic mode offers a ± 0.05 cent accuracy. The Unitune is also equipped with an adaptive screen, which automatically switches orientation to accommodate both left and right handed players.

The Unitune Clip features an elegant and durable construction designed to survive the life of a touring musician. Its high-quality stainless-steel clip tightly secures the tuner to your guitar for an accurate detection of vibrations, while strategically placed padding ensures the clip can be safely attached to the guitar without damaging it. The Unitune also features internal memory to retain all your settings, even when the tuner is switched off or the battery removed.


  • Ultra-precise tuner offers ±0.02 cent and ±0.05 cent resolution for the perfect tuning experience
  • Fast chromatic tuning mode ensuring quick tuning anywhere
  • Incredibly bright 108-LED screen provides high accuracy display in any setting
  • Screen automatically switches orientation for left and right-handed viewing
  • Reference pitch selection for total tuning flexibility
  • Offers strobe and chromatic tuning modes
  • Internal memory saves settings when powering down or removal of battery
  • Durable construction ensures it can survive life on the road
  • High-quality clip provides secure connection for accurate detection of string vibrations
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