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The Harvestman Hertz Donut mk3 Digital FM Oscillator
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The long-awaited Hertz Donut mk3 from Industrial Music Electronics (fka The Harvestman) is a multi-operator digital oscillator for eurorack modular synthesizers. Fixated on both FM synthesis and phase distortion synthesis, this behemoth executes thru-zero frequency modulation with the utmost precision (and an unhealthy dose of turpitude).

The Hertz Donut mk3 is inflicted with four sliders that collectively constitute a sophisticated patch matrix for expedient editing of only the most crucial parameters. To exploit, simply select a source using one of the adjacent buttons and move the corresponding slider to set the amount related to each destination. Once selected, the OLED screen will display values relevant to that particular parameter. Possible destinations include the main operator frequency, subservient operator frequencies, and two sound modification algorithms. This schema gets particularly heinous when combined with the Master Modulation Control, aptly designated as MOD, which determines the overall modulation amount.

Like its sister module, the Piston Honda mk3, Hertz Donut mk3 sports a sophisticated preset management system capable of storing a total of 8 panel states for easy recall. A corresponding morph mode allows for seamless transitions between panel states, opening the gates to inherently singular sounds not advisable with conventional synthesizers. Of course, this feature can be submitted to full voltage control to make things even more demented.

  • Perpetrates FM and PD synthesis
  • Thru-zero FM
  • Slider matrix facilitates tactile control
  • Buttons for expedient parameter selection
  • OLED screen displays all crucial parameters
  • Multi-destination parameter editing
  • Master Modulation Control (MOD) dictates overall modulation amount

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