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MIDI & Controllers

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88 note great feeling, light-weight master controller keyboard
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KeyLab Essential 88 is a lightweight, space-saving 88-note controller keyboard with Arturia’sAnalog Lab virtual instrument included. Express your musical ideas, take command of your studio,and perform like you’ve always dreamed.

Feel the Power

8 pads, 9 rotaries, 9 faders, and an expressive keyboard with velocity and aftertouch. Every aspect of KeyLab Essential has been carefully chosen to give you the best possible experience when creating and performing. From the responsive keys to the intelligently assigned knobs and faders,you’ll feel like everything you touch turns to gold. KeyLab Essential makes navigating inside yourrecording software a breeze thanks to the dedicated DAW Command Center, and makes browsing your presets an exciting and inspiring experience. The keys are full piano-sized, designed to have a light action to avoid fatigue on your fingers and wrists.

USB, MIDI Out, and sustain input allows for all the connectivity you’ve ever wanted.

Take Control

KeyLab Essential is packed with clever controls that help you make swift work of everyday tasks within your recording software. Play your track, jog forwards and back, save, toggle your metronome and loop, record, and punch in on the fly. This functionality keeps your hands on the controller and your mind in the music. As well as offering ultimate control over Analog Lab, KeyLab Essential is a universal MIDI controller, meaning you can use it with any third-partyinstruments or software. If you’re just starting out on your musical journey, don’t worry, KeyLab


Essential also comes with Ableton Live Lite so you can start recording, editing, and releasing your music with one of the most popular music platforms on the planet.

Hear the Sounds

KeyLab Essential is the result of years of research, with the express aim of streamlining your creative process, giving you more time to express yourself through music. When paired with Analog Lab software, KeyLab Essential becomes a whole new animal. Every one of the 6,000+ presets intelligently map with KeyLab’s faders, knobs, and pads to give you instant, inspiringaccess to some of the most iconic, legendary keyboard sounds ever heard.

Sourced from every instrument contained within the Arturia V Collection, Analog Lab is like being given the keys to your very own keyboard museum, packed with the iconic analog monosynths, illustrious and exotic pianos, classic organs, digital workstations, and much more. Each one of themany thousands of presets has forged by some of the world’s finest sound designers, andcatalogued in a clever, tag-based archive. Finding the perfect sound for your song has never been easier. KeyLab Essential 88 has the iconic keyboard sounds you need to take your music to the next level. Analog Lab gives you VIP access to the most coveted keyboards ever created, broughtback to life by Arturia’s exclusive True Analog EmulationTM technology.

More Software

To make sure you have all you need, we’ve also included Ableton Live Lite and UVI Grand Piano Model D. Great feeling keyboard, a huge collection of sounds. It’s time to make music.

page2image16280 page2image16864


page2image18216 page2image18536
  • -  88 light piano-style keys with velocity and aftertouch

  • -  Clickable encoder, 9 rotary knobs, 9 30mm faders, 13 control switches

  • -  Functions as a universal MIDI controller

  • -  Full Mackie / HUI control compatibility

  • -  MIDI Out

  • -  USB connectivity

  • -  Sustain pedal input

  • -  6 transport buttons, 4 command buttons

  • -  Mod & pitch bend wheel

  • -  8 touch and pressure-sensitive pads.

  • -  Twin-line LCD screen displays preset names and parameter info

  • -  Chord Play mode

  • -  Perfect Analog Lab integration: Select sounds, browse presets, switch parts, smart-

    assigned controls

  • -  Includes Analog Lab with over 6,500 synth sounds

  • -  Intelligent, tag-based sound navigation with Analog Lab: search by type and instrument, or

    by sonic characteristics like “aggressive” or “evolving”

  • -  Includes Ableton Live Lite for recording your performances

  • -  Includes UVI Grand Piano Model D for additional acoustic piano sounds

Technical Specifications

Included Software

page2image32472 page2image32792
  • Analog Lab

  • Ableton Live Lite

  • UVI Grand Piano Model D


Product Dimensions

page3image2568 page3image2888 page3image3792 page3image4112

Product size: 1260*260.6*63 mm / 49.59*10.26*2.48 inches


Net weight: 8.48 kg / 18.7 lbs

page3image7104 page3image7424

Master Pack Dimensions (2 keyboards per master pack)

page3image10376 page3image10696 page3image11600 page3image11920

Master Pack size: 1380*340*265 mm / 54.3*13.4*10.4 inches


Master Pack weight: 21.62 kg / 47.66 lbs

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