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The Disaster Area gHOST Converter is an innovative interface that connects class-compliant USB MIDI devices to a hardware 5-pin DIN MIDI interface. Any MIDI device that is supported without drivers should connect to the USB Host port on the gHOST Converter, which then provides 5-pin MIDI input and output connectors.

The gHOST Converter is compatible with multiple USB devices if connected via a powered hub. The gHOST Converter directs incoming MIDI traffic on channels 1-4 to hub devices 1-4. If no hub is present, all incoming and outgoing data will be sent to the USB device. USB channel assignments are editable using MIDI CC commands.


  • Converts USB MIDI devices (class-compliant only) to 5-pin DIN / legacy MIDI
  • USB Host port powers many USB devices (up to 500mA supplied)
  • MIDI input and output support bi-directional communication with USB devices
  • Multiple USB devices supported using powered USB Hub
  • Each USB device on the hub is individually addressable on a separate MIDI channel
  • USB device assignment / channel mapping is editable using MIDI CC commands
  • USB device port for firmware updates and configurationCompact size 4.7″ x 2.6″ x 1.4″ (121mm x 66mm x 35mm) fits under most angled pedalboards
  • Requires 64mA plus current to supply connected USB device (up to 500mA) at 9V DC.

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