G&T Gate and Trigger Converter

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G&T, or Gates and Triggers, from After Later Audio turns triggers into gates and gates into triggers, perfect for lengthening or shortening the width of gate signals.

The gate to trigger section features a gate input and a rise and fall trigger output.

The rise trigger will go high when the gate starts, and when the gate ends, the fall trigger goes high. The trigger to gate converter features a gate length control to set the overall width of the gate signal, which is output at the bottom-most jack. At the end of this gate the fall trigger will become active. This useful module provides very basic but often overlooked functionality into your Eurorack setup.

  • Gate and trigger converter
  • Turns gates into triggers with trigger outputs at the start and end of the gate signal
  • Trigger to gate converter with width control and end of gate trigger output
  • Gate input LED will indicate gate input status
  • Output LED indicates when output gate is high
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