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70cm Single Stackable 3.5mm TS Patch Cable for Eurorack Modular Synthesizers - Blue
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Create a mult anywhere with Tiptop Audio's Stackcable Eurorack patch cables.

This unique 3.5mm patch cable features a 3.5mm jack directly after the plug, allowing you to effortlessly split the signal right at the source.

While we immediately saw the benefit of clearing room in our rigs, the synth nuts here at Moog Audio were particularly impressed by how much simpler Stackcables make setting up complex routings.

What's more, these cables are remarkably well built, with heavy-gauge wires and added shielding to keep noise out and supply stronger signals. Whether you want to ditch your patchbays and mults, or you want to have more handy splitting options, Tiptop Audio Stackcables belong in your Eurorack synth rig.

  • Single stackable 3.5mm patch cable designed for Eurorack modular synths
  • Thick wire provides low-capacitance, low-impedance connectivity
  • Dense shielding protects against noise and adds structural stability
  • Stack multiple cables to replace your passive mults and patchbays
  • Color coded based on length for added visual convenience

Technical Specifications

  • Connector 1: TS Male 1/8
  • Connector 2: TS Male 1/8
  • Length: 2.2'
  • Balanced: No
  • Manufacturer Part Number: Stackcable 70cm

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