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Noise Engineering Cursus Iteritas Magnus 5U
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Cursus Iteritas Magnus is a 5U version of one of the best sounding modules in the Noise Engineering universe.

The oscillator's sound is derived from dynamically generated wavetables.

The six parameter knobs on the panel shape the timbre of the sound, and three alternating modes push the spectral sound sculpting options even further. Fourier mode uses sine waves. In Daubechies mode, the sound is transformed using wavelets. Walsh mode is entirely based on Walsh transform.

This wide spectrum of synthesis capabilities make Cursus Iteritas Magnus useful for generating chaotic, noisy drones, and screeches, as well as harmonically rich melodies and leads.

  • 5U version of the Noise Engineering dynamic wavetable oscillator
  • Switchable Fourier/Daubechies/Walsh synthesis modes
  • Switchable Bass/Alto/Treble frequency ranges
  • CV control over all parameters
  • Traditional 5U-style panel lettering

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