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Expansion Module for ES-4, ES-40, or ES-5
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The Expert Sleepers ESX-8CV mk2 is an expansion module that is designed to work with the ES-4, ES-40, or ES-5. The ESX-8CV adds 8 CV outputs from one expansion header, allowing for seamless integration. Each channel is time-multiplexed, and runs between one-third and one-twenty fourth of the audio sample rate, fast enough for most CV purposes, which guarantees high quality performance. As the outputs are derived from the audio stream, the Expert Sleepers ESX-8CV retains super accurate timing, and is jitter free. Additionally, the ESX-8CV features illuminated jack sockets that provide you with visual feedback of outgoing signals. Expert Sleepers modules are designed to take audio signals generated by your computer, and convert them into voltage values that allow interaction with your modular system.

The outputs on the ESX-8CV mk2 expander module are hardware calibrate, meaning they do not require the use of software calibration when used with standard V/octave synths/oscillators. The 12-bit resolution of the ESX-8CV is adequate enough to perform software calibration if it is required. This is ideal when needing to cater for misbehaving oscillators that don't track as well as they should to a standard calibration, or to support oscillators with a Hz/V response.


  • Expansion module for: Expert Sleepers ES-4, ES-40, ES-5
  • Adds 8 CV outputs from one expansion header
  • Each channel is time-multiplexed
  • Retains accurate timing, and jitter free
  • Illuminated sockets provide feedback of outgoing signals
  • Hardware calibrated outputs - no need for software calibration when used with standard V/octave synths/oscillators

Technical Specifications

  • Width: 4HP
  • Depth: 49mm
  • Digital Input: Connection from the ES-4, ES-40, or ES-5
  • Analogue Outputs: 8 x 3.5mm jacks, DC coupled
  • Output Voltages: ±5.33V hardware calibrated, or ±9.5V uncalibrated (jumper setting)
  • D/A Conversion: 12-bit, using high precision analogue devices DACs
  • Indicators: Illuminated jack sockets
  • Power: 41mA on +12V, 33mA on -12V

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