Eurorack dual filter and VCA

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The Dreadbox Eudemonia is part of the Chromatic Range of Eurorack modules, which form a collection of unique 10HP circuits that offer a variety of functions varying from oscillators through to bit-crushing filters and more.

Eudemonia is somewhat of a west coast inspired circuit, combing a three channel mixer, filter and VCA into one circuit, letting you make a pseudo low pass gate when controlling the filters and VCA with the same gate or envelope signal.

With three audio inputs, each with attenuators, a voltage addressable resonant low pass filter, a non resonance high pass filter and a simple, but powerful VCA, this module gives you everything to patch in a drum buss or end of signal chain.

At just 35mm deep and 10HP wide, the Chromatic series offers so much for such a little price and space investment.

The main features of the Dreadbox Hysteria include:

  • 10HP mixer, filter and VCA
  • Cv addressable high pass and low pass filter
  • Three audio inputs with attenuators
  • 1 volt per octave tracking for the LPF
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