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Snazzy FX Dual Multiplier

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Modulator Module
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The Dual Multiplier combines two four-quadrant multipliers in one module. With simple waveforms, the circuits provide results similar to a classic ring modulator. If musicians utilize a VCO and a noise generator as signal sources, the results are pitched-noise effects. Combinations of complex audio material and an LFO lead to spectral shifts. Employing the module as a dual four-quadrant VCA or part of analog computing patches is possible as well. Thanks to connections between both multipliers, musicians can create a wide range of tones with minimal cabling effort.


The Dual Multiplier comes equipped with two four-quadrant multipliers. All inputs are DC-coupled. Attenuators allow level adjustments. The inputs of the multiplier located at the top of the front panel are labeled X and Y. Its output is called XY. The inputs of the lower multiplier are named A and B. Accordingly, the output is called AB. As long as no cables are plugged in, input A receives its signals from output XY. Input B is connected to input Y.



Technical Specifications


Per multiplier:
Two signal inputs
One signal output


3U Eurorack module, 8 HP wide, skiff friendly depth
Power consumption: 13 mA at +12 V and 13 mA at -12 V

0.2 kg

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