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The Moog Sequencer Complement A & B portable expansion cabinets are powerful additions to any newly released portable Moog Modular synthesizer. Each Complement provides rhythmic accompaniment and extended synthesis capabilities for increased inspiration and sonic potential. Housed in a rugged wood and black tolex-wrapped cabinet, these portable Sequencer Complements are ideal companions for the Moog Model 15 or Synthesizer IIIp modular synthesizers.

All Sequencer Complement A & B portable expansion cabinets are hand-built to their original 1974 Moog factory specifications and are true recreations of the originals. Individual modules are brought to life just as the originals were, by hand-stuffing and hand-soldering components to circuit boards, and using traditional wiring methods. Each module is then finished with a photo-etched aluminum panel, and placed in its new modular cabinet.

These limited reissues of the Moog Sequencer Complement A & B portable expansion cabinets are built to order, and available in limited quantities while parts remain. 

NOTE: The Sequencer Complement A & B cabinets are powered by direct connection to compatible Moog Modular Synthesizers only.

Technical Specifications

Sequencer Complement A Modules 

  • 1x 960 Sequential Controller
  • 1x 961 Interface
  • 1x 962 Sequential Switch

Sequencer Complement B Modules

  • 2x 960 Sequential Controllers
  • 1x 961 Interface
  • 2x 962 Sequential Switch

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