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The CGM Creative Mixer Master, from Frap Tools, is a versatile mixer for Eurorack modular synthesizer systems. It provides all the essential components required for studio and live performances. Users can link a total of eight Channels in a single Group, and connect four Groups to a Master.

The Channel module governs mono signals via its 3.5mm mono input. It is comprised of a stereo VCA with corresponding CV jack, attenuator, a post-main VCA with direct output capability, dual parallel sends with mono VCA with corresponding CV jack and attenuator governing the send and pre/post fader switch. Additionally, the module features a Pan control with offset pot and CV.

There’s also latching buttons that afford mute, solo, and PFL, all of which govern the input signal before routing it to the Group. 

  • Channels section of CGM Creative Mixer
  • 8 Channels modules can be connected to a single Group module
  • Manages mono signals via 3.5mm mono input jack
  • Main stereo VCA with CV in and attenuator
  • Direct output post main VCA
  • Two parallel sends with mono VCA for each send
  • Pan control with offset CV and knob

Technical Specifications

  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 6HP
  • Depth: 43mm
  • Current Draw: 80mA@+12V idle, 80mA@-12V idle. 104mA@+12V max, 100mA@-12V max

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