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Falistri from Frap Tools is a complex envelope generator and a frequency divider/comparator module.

The main idea behind the Falistri is live independent control over each stage of the two envelope generators and their further shaping with the dual cascading frequency divider, slew limiter and a ring modulator. Such flexibility is achieved by decoupling the time parameter from shape, which allows for live morphing between linear, logarithmic and exponential curves.

Thus, each stage of the envelope can be independently assigned a different shape. Consequently, the comparator circuits alter their logic states every time a low-to-high transition is detected. When used with audio signals, they turn into sub-octave generators and with gates they serve the purpose of a clock divider. The slew limiter is used for glides and portamento, while the four quadrant multiplier, a.k.a. modulator provides an avenue for creative signal mixing, AM modulation and doubles as a Thru-zero VCA.

  • Dual function generator
  • Independent control of shape for each segment of the envelope
  • Dual comparator/frequency divider
  • Slew limiter
  • Ring modulator
  • Thru-zero VCA
  • Fully analog

Technical Specifications

  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 18hp
  • Depth: 38mm
  • Current draw: 170mA @ +12v, 170mA @ -12v

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