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Noise Engineering Roti Pola is a small four channel CV mixer
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Noise Engineering Roti Pola is a small four channel CV mixer with bipolar attenuator, meaning signals can be attenuated and inverted – which makes these controls attenuverters. Each channel features an LED showing the polarity of the signal post attenuversion being sent to the mixer. Additionally, the first channel can be used as a 5 volt offset if nothing is patched to its input. The final output is also equipped with an LED, which helps to visualize the outgoing CV.

Roti Pola from Noise Engineering is a compact mixer designed for mixing control voltages.

It features four channels equipped with bipolar attenuators. All channels and the mix output provide visual feedback of the polarity thanks to bi-color LEDs. It lights in green if the outgoing voltage is positive, and in red if it is negative.

When nothing is patched to the first channel, a 5 volt offset is applied, which can be attenuated and inverted using the bipolar attenuator. This is very useful for controlling other parameters or modifying CV signals at the mix output.

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