Subdecay Anamnesis Echo – Modulated Delay

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It sounds great simply strumming chords, on arpeggios, palm mutes, power chords, or whatever you want to throw at it. Like the old Echobox it uses a companderless design to avoid clicking and popping artifacts heard in some delay pedals. Unlike the original Echobox it has been designed without an internal noise gate. We spent a lot of time working to get both headroom and the noise floor just right. Because of this it picks up every subtlety and nuance of your playing.



Control Matrix

  • TIME control is on the lower right so you can easily reach and manipulate it as repeats trail off. Maximum delay time is 600ms.
  • REGEN controls the repeats or feedback. Infinite and oscillating repeats are possible. Just turn it all the way up.
  • LEVEL controls the delay signal level. Your dry guitar signal is never altered.
  • DEPTH and SPEED controls the delay modulation. The maximum modulation speed is about 30hz.
  • The Anamesis lets your echos trail off when the pedal is bypassed too. This option can be turned off via an internal switch
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