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It’s more than a pitch shifter, it’s an engine of creation
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Dwarfcraft Devices are a bold contender in the boutique pedal arena, forging pedals that'll transport your sound to realms unknown.

Their colourful array of effects, each one almost entirely distinct from the next, is designed to twist and contort your sound in unimaginable ways! All of their pedals are lovingly handmade in Eau Claire, Wisconsin in the USA.

Building on the popular formula of their modern classic, the Wizard of Pitch, the Witch Shifter is designed to transport your tone into uncharted paranormal territory. Yes, it'll do the usual pitch effects; octave up, octave down, blend and so on, making it a useful & highly-applicable stompbox. But when you start tweaking the additional controls, you'll enter the realm of the supernatural. 

The Scatter button will send your signal darting around in a distorted frenzy, and the Bend control conjurs bizarre Doppler-like sounds. The DinDin control allows you to freeze the audio buffer for neverending glitch madness. 

Top it off with a warped fuzz control that allows you to tip into total chaos, and naturally, a secret delay effects menu, and you've got a pedal that's bound to inspire and terrify in equal measure!

The Witch Shifter continues the strong legacy harkening back to the top-selling Wizard of Pitch.  Witch Shifter is bringing those sounds and far beyond to the much more capable, much more... insane level of the Grazer-type platform.  This time no stone has been left unturned in the effort to create the worlds most interesting pitch bender!

Technical Specifications

  • True bypass switching
  • Top-mounted jacks
  • Expression input
  • 5 controls
  • 3 toggle switches, 2 footswitches

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