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Fulltone USA True Path ABY Pedal with Hard Touch Switching
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The Fulltone True-Path is a full featured ABY switching pedal that allows you to route your guitar signal to two different amplifiers (or pedal boards or anything!) and for each channel gives you the option of including a buffer circuit (so you don't lose high frequencies over long cable runs) or not include the buffer (some vintage pedals don't like buffers). You can also chose whether the two outputs are phased the same or phase inverted.

This means you have the ultimate control to make sure you're two amps won't phase cancel each other.

The ABY-HT version of the True-Path features 'hard' switches that you will feel click positively under your foot. However the smart circuitry insures that transition between the two amps is seamless with no click sound

Here's what Fulltone say about the True-Path ABYM with Hard Touch Switching:

True-Path, the best ABY boxes money can buy, period. Only 5.25" x 4" so it'll fit anywhere.

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