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By popular demand, Keeley has at last made the El Rey Dorado available to the Canadian market
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This gold pedal is your go-to box for that Plexi tone. While Plexi amp tone can cover a wide array of sounds depending on power, tubes, cabinet, etc., El Rey Dorado nails the core tone bullseye, with one of the main reference points for the pedal being Robert Keeley's own JTM 45/100® full stack.
The El Rey covers a range of classic British amp tones by featuring two gain modes with the Power Toggle, which gives you control over the compression and harmonics.  Low Power mode is louder, has more girth, and has fewer harmonics for a more old-school tone.  The High Power mode has more compression, more harmonics, and a tighter, more defined tone.  The result is a pedal that delivers old-school crunch in Low Power mode, super lead tones in the High Power mode.
 Volume, Gain, Tone, Power Toggle
 9 volt battery compatible (battery not included)
 Made in USA

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