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Explore the furthest reaches of silicon saturation in a trusted vessel with the MXR Octavio Fuzz.
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It's time to get fuzzed up. Originally unleashed upon the ears of the world by Jimi Hendrix himself, the MXR M267 Octavio Fuzz certainly has an iconic heritage.

And it's that unique octave-up fuzz sound that tore apart the seams of tonal tradition.

Adding a potent wash of upper harmonics to an already phenomenal fuzz sound, the Octavio Fuzz is the perfect way to achieve those searing, synth-like lead tones.

But it's not just a lead-player's dream. Not at all.

This unique fuzz has become to go-to-fuzz-box for players of all styles. Its touch-responsive nature means your playing dynamics have a powerful effect on your tone. Dig in hard and rip a hole in the roof, or flutter over your strings to dial things back a little.

Whether you play hard or soft, from doom to straight-up rock, this incendiary fuzz is a solid solution for taking your tone over the edge.

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