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Radikal Technologies RT-451 Dual Multimode Filter
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Radikal Technologies presents the RT-451, a dual multimode filter that mobilizes the Spectralis Multimode Filter circuit to achieve vintage-style low resonance and more modern high resonance tones. It is capable of producing rumbling low end, making it ideal for kick and sub-bass sounds.

Each filter section contains switchable low-pass, high-pass, and bandpass functionality.

There are also toggle switches for blending different filter functions before they are routed to the output.

  • 2x 12dB multimode filters with lowpass, highpass, bandpass and notch
  • Resonance settings up to self oscillation
  • 1 volt/octave tracking over multiple octaves at self oscillation
  • 2 cv inputs for cutoff modulation with cv inversion for each filters
  • 1 cv input for resonance modulation with cv inversion for each filter
  • Cv inputs of filter one are automapped to filter two if no jack is inserted at filter two
  • Two signal inputs with independent gain control
  • Independent filter outputs

Technical Specifications

  • Power consumption: 12 Volt, 80 mA; -12 Volt, 80 mA; 5 Volt, 0 mA
  • Size: 3HE, 32HP, 50mm depth

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