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Steinberg Dorico Elements 2 - Elementary Music Notation Software (Download)


Steinberg Dorico Elements 2 is elementary music notation software designed to deliver user-friendly essential scoring functions for students, songwriters, and arrangers in schools, home studios, and houses of worship. Write, print, and play music notation for up to 12 instruments, which can be sourced from the supplied 1500-sound 2GB library or your own VST3 plug-ins. 30 included effects processors enable versatile tonal modification of your instrument sounds.

Input data via a mouse, keyboard, or MIDI keyboard and refine your arrangement in the sequencer-style piano MIDI editor; the notation is adjusted as you compose and arrange. Enjoy unlimited movements in a single project and playback of dynamics, repeats, and tempo changes. Collaboration is simplified via importing and exporting of MIDI and MusicXML files as well as audio and graphics export capabilities. Dorico Elements 2 is compatible with macOS and Windows systems and creates projects that can be loaded into Dorico Pro.

Technical Specifications

For Home Users & Students 
  • Amateur composers and arrangers
  • Secondary students
  • Instrumental teachers
  • Church/worship musicians
  • Songwriters
  • Easy and fast to learn
  • Friendly manual and video tutorials
  • Pop-overs for efficient input
  • Normal and double accidentals
  • Single-format bar numbers
  • Bar repeats
  • Normal, double, final, and repeat barline types
  • Seven clef presets
  • Single chord symbol preset
  • Drum set notation
  • Dynamics
  • Holds and pauses
  • Key signatures with up to seven flats/sharps
  • Lyrics
  • 30 notehead presets
  • Limited octave lines
  • Ornaments
  • Automatic page numbers
  • Limited pedal lines
  • 220 playing techniques presets
  • Limited rehearsal marks
  • Repeat endings
  • Rhythm slashes
  • Single- and multi-note tremolos
  • Tempo markings
  • Limited unpitched orchestral/band percussion
  • 2GB library with 1500 sounds
  • 30 effects processors
  • General MIDI sounds
  • HALion Sonic SE production sounds
  • VST expression maps
  • Support for third-party VST plug-ins
  • Fixed interpretation of notations
  • Playback of repeats, dynamics, and tempo changes
  • Editable automation data
  • Add page and system breaks
  • Limited use of other text fonts
  • Automatic collision avoidance
  • Multiple staff sizes
  • Limited note-spacing settings
  • Automatic staff and system spacing
  • Change page and staff size
  • Limited custom note spacing
  • Limited custom text fonts
  • Fixed notation options
  • Fixed engraving options
  • Fixed playback options
Input & Editing 
  • Input via mouse, keyboard, and MIDI keyboard
  • Insert mode
  • Multi-paste
  • Limited filters
Import & Export 
  • Import and export MusicXML
  • Export audio in WAV or MP3 format
  • Export graphics
  • Import and export MIDI
  • Print multiple copies
  • Booklet, 2-up, and spreads

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