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Steinberg Dorico Pro 2 Crossgrade - Music Notation Software (Boxed)


Steinberg Dorico Pro 2 is music notation software designed to deliver comprehensive, customizable, user-friendly scoring functions and built-in desktop publishing for composers, professors, musicians, and engravers in universities, studios, and film, TV, and game media production facilities. Write, engrave, print, and play music notation for unlimited instruments, which can be sourced from the supplied 2000-sound 8GB library or your own VST3 plug-ins. 30 included effects processors enable versatile tonal modification of your instrument sounds.

Input data via a mouse, keyboard, or MIDI keyboard and refine your arrangement in the sequencer-style piano MIDI editor. Dorico Pro 2 is designed to let you freely experiment with musical ideas; you can write in open meter without a time signature and later add or delete bar lines wherever they are needed. A single-window user interface places all the software's functions within easy reach, which is particularly convenient when working on a laptop. Smart score preparation tools allow you to bring together separate movements, works, sketches, or songs, in any combination, into score layouts for conductor or performer. Dorico Pro 2 lets you import and export MusicXML and MIDI files from Cubase or other DAWs, and export graphics in a variety of formats for pre-press work.

Attention has been lavished on every detail of the appearance of music. The automatic engraving engine provides extensive capabilities for graphical tweaking and editing, and aims to produce aesthetically pleasing pages that meet the demands of the most discerning engravers.

It is built with the same 32-bit floating point audio engine found in Cubase and Nuendo, and delivers sound at resolutions up to 192 kHz. It supports VST3-compatible virtual instruments and effects, and comes with the HALion Sonic SE player and the complete HALion Symphonic Orchestra library. Dorico Pro 2 is compatible with macOS and Windows systems.

Technical Specifications

  • Utilizing the same video engine found in Cubase and Nuendo, Dorico Pro 2 allows you to attach a video to your project, play it via the dedicated video window, view thumbnails in Play mode, and add markers
  • Graphically edit tempo and dynamics, add lanes for MIDI controllers, draw data, and more
  • Dorico Pro 2 supports time signatures for the scoring stage and concert hall and gives you control over view options such as size, position, and typeface
  • Rhythm Slashes: Copy music from one instrument and paste it to another as slashes, change melodic or chordal material into slashes, input slashes with or without stems, fill bars with slashes, and more
  • Create bar repeats by clicking and dragging to fill bars with bar repeat symbols, and use sophisticated options for grouping and renumbering
  • Inspired by the hand-copying style of a famous series of jazz standards books, the new Petaluma font family features over 1350 musical symbols and over 500 alphanumeric characters
  • Repeat structures now play back automatically, making it easy to follow a musical structure containing multiple repeated sections
  • Smart Staff Management: Divisi support, add/remove staves at any point, add ossia staves above or below any instrument, and more
  • The system track appears at the top staff of the system, only comes to the fore when you need it, and enables a new way to add and delete bars or select and copy music
  • The Explode and Reduce functions allow you to quickly paste music to more or fewer players
  • Paste material to multiple instruments in a single step with Multi-Paste
  • Support for the virtual instrument NotePerformer 3 from Wallander Instruments
  • Shift+R popover for single- and multi-note tremolos and repeat endings
  • Make any selection of existing notes into a tuplet with any ratio of your choosing
  • New dialog for editing and creating playing techniques
  • Change the clef used by an instrument in concert and transposing pitch
  • Dynamics, playing techniques, and text items can erase their background to improve their appearance when crossing bars and staff lines
  • Text items can have a border with customizable thickness and padding
  • Change the beat unit for an existing metronome mark via Properties
For Professionals & Educators 
  • Professional composers and arrangers
  • University/college students
  • Professors and instructors
  • Film/TV/game media musicians
  • Engravers and publishers
  • Easy and fast to learn
  • Friendly manual and video tutorials
  • Pop-overs for efficient input
Streamlined Workflow 
  • Simple, uncluttered interface designed to be comfortable and efficient on a laptop computer with a single display, or to expand over multiple large displays
  • Single-window interface puts all the functions within easy reach
  • Piano roll editor for making fine adjustments to playback without affecting the printed notation, including editing continuous controllers
Project Management 
  • Each project consists of Players (people), Flows (independent movements/pieces of music), and Layouts (which bring combination of Players and Flows together into scores)
  • Handles multi-movement works such as sonatas, symphonies, songbooks, musicals, and operas
  • DTP page layout features allow creation of complex and unusual scores such as music in footnotes and text pages, piano four-hands scores, worksheets, music analyses, frames for music, text and graphics, and more
Five Modes 
  • Workflows are divided into five distinct modes
  • Setup Mode: Create Players, Flows, Layouts
  • Write Mode: Input and edit your music
  • Engrave Mode: Perform page layouts and make graphical tweaks
  • Play Mode: Control virtual instruments, add effects, mix
  • Print Mode: Output score and parts to your printer or export press-ready files for other graphic formats
  • Collapsible panels on left/right/bottom of the window provide instant access to each mode's features, for displaying as much music as possible
Window Management 
  • Open as many windows in the same project as you like; keep one in Write mode for input and editing, and another in Play mode to allow easy tweaking of playback, or switch back and forth within the same window with a single click
  • Switch between tabs for conductor score and instrumental parts, or split the window horizontally/vertically to work on both at the same time
Audio Engine 
  • Same audio engine as in Cubase and Nuendo
  • 32-bit audio engine compatible with resolutions up to 192 kHz
  • Supports all VST3-compatible virtual instruments and effects
  • Includes channel strip modules with compressor and brickwall limiter that can be inserted on each channel
HALion Symphonic Orchestra 
  • Includes Steinberg’s HALion Symphonic Orchestra library, plus more than 1300 production-ready sounds from HALion Sonic SE 3
  • Over 100 patches and combinations such as strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion
  • Dozens of articulations, bowings, and playing techniques recorded across the full range of dynamics
  • Normal, double, microtonal, and custom accidentals
  • Multiple formats of bar numbers
  • Bar repeats
  • Comprehensive barline types
  • 26 clef presets
  • Custom note and rest grouping
  • Custom brackets and braces
  • Fully customizable chord symbols with nine presets
  • Cues
  • Divisi for divided string sections
  • Drum set notation
  • Dynamics
  • Fanned beams and stemlets
  • Holds and pauses
  • Fully-customizable key signatures
  • Lyrics
  • Fully-customizable noteheads with 30 presets
  • Fully-customizable octave lines
  • Ornaments
  • Ossia staves
  • Change the number of staves for an instrument
  • Customizable page numbers
  • Fully-customizable pedal lines
  • Customizable playing techniques and rehearsal marks
  • Repeat endings
  • Rhythm slashes
  • Single- and multi-note tremolos
  • Tempo markings
  • Customizable unpitched orchestral/band percussion
  • 8GB library with over 2000 sounds
  • 30 effects processors
  • General MIDI sounds
  • HALion Sonic SE production sounds
  • HALion Symphonic Orchestra included
  • VST expression maps
  • Support for third-party VST plug-ins
  • Customizable interpretation of notations
  • Playback of repeats, dynamics, and tempo changes
  • Editable automation data
  • Add page and system breaks
  • Dedicated Engrave mode
  • Edit vertical and rhythmic spacing
  • Graphically tweak individual items
  • Customizable engraving options
  • Set defaults for beaming, voices, etc
  • Fully-customizable use of other text fonts
  • Use other music fonts
  • Automatic collision avoidance
  • Multiple staff sizes
  • Fully-customizable note-spacing settings
  • Fully-customizable staff and system spacing
  • Change page and staff size
  • Custom page layout
  • Full control of custom note spacing
  • Custom key signatures, accidentals, playing techniques, noteheads, music fonts, and chord symbols
  • Fully-customizable text fonts
  • Customizable notation, engraving, and playback options
Input & Editing 
  • Input via mouse, keyboard, and MIDI keyboard
  • Insert mode
  • Explode and Reduce
  • Paste into Voice
  • Multi-paste
  • Full filters
Import & Export 
  • Import and export MusicXML
  • Export audio in WAV or MP3 format
  • Export graphics
  • Import and export MIDI
  • Print multiple copies
  • Booklet, 2-up, and spreads

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